I use Obisidian to edit this wiki. Because I'm a colossal cheapass, instead of using their publishing tools I publish using my own tool called md_wiki_to_html

md_wiki_to_html has a concept of "flavors" of Markdown wikis that it supports, but I've only implemented Obsidian so far. I was planning on adding vimwiki, but I ended up settling on using Obsidian instead.

Publish Process

  1. I use the shellcommands Obsidian plugin and have a command defined which adds all .md and .obsidian files, does a git commit, then a git push
  2. When the repo on GitHub receives a push to the main branch, it kicks off a Github workflow
  3. The GitHub workflow runs md_wiki_to_html to render the HTML, then pushes to a Google Cloud Storage bucket for